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Vivida's solutions tackle the mobile engagement crisis creating new communication channels (vivida spaces™) with the users, transforming all the users and visitors into potential customers and monetizing any Website

OverBrowser® is the clientless interactive communication platform to engage
the users on any connected device.


OverDesk provides a new communication platform with unique user experience to get more engagement for Android Apps


OverAd is the clientless advertising solution to monetize the Web experience of the users on any connected device


Vivida Safe Browsing provides a safe browsing environment on any connected device


Use Cases

Solution for Movicel an Angolan Telco
Use case

Digital Self-Care

Movicel, a fast growing African Mobile Operator based in Angola, has selected Vivida and our OverBrowser solution to launch a digital transformation project. The OverBrowser technology will open up new communication channels with customers in order to provide self-service facilities, promotions and tailored offers.
Vivida helps Val di Fiemme and Nordic ski Championsip to deliver the right message at the righrttime
Use case


NORDIC SKI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – Val di Fiemme 2013 Telecom Italia implemented the projects for the Organization Committee. In the OB panels was possible to watch LIVE the ski races and competition with RAI TV High Definition streaming via TIM LTE network, geomarketing and advertising services also were provided.
Vivida for telco self care
Use case

Sales and Promotions

This project for a Tier 1 telecom operator, is based on OverDesk™ solution, with the concept of creating a new digital touch point for the Tier 1 telecom operator App users, with the goal to speed up the recharge and buy option with “One Click” experience. It works with a “pull” experience, and also with a “push” unique user experience activated by an SMS, when the customer needs to recharge urgently.
Vivida Project for Airports
Use case

Proximity Marketing

This project for the two international airports, provides a new communication channel to engage the huge number of the free Wi-Fi service users of the airports. The two International airports has the goal to promote its services based on users position in the airports, use the solution to monitor its quality standards with dedicated survey, increase App adoption. OverDesk™ has also been selected to increase their airports app adoption.
Vivida advertising usecase


An international Wi-Fi service provider is using OverBrowser and OverAd to increase its mobile advertising revenue streams in a range of 30%-50%. Vivida technologies deliver a unique user experience for innovative service monetization.
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Main benefits for your company

Benefit #1

CTR for pulsing icon

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CTR for notifications

OverBrowser® by Vivida

OverBrowser® Advantages

highest visibility, best user experience, top monetization
1 Platform
To manage content and Analytics
Unique User Experience
Customizable User Experience to provide the best users engagement
Reduced Customer Churn
Proactive and personalized messages and promo to reduce customer churn up to 40%
+50 Use Cases
Several ways to engage with users, increase revenue and reduce customer care costs
Increase Revenue Opportunities
More engagement means more revenue
Any Screen
Responsive design for any screen and any device
Rich Media Content
The panel could be filled with every kind of contents: video, images, HTML code
100% Users Reach
Stay on top to reach all your target users
10 Times More Effective
Powerful way to catch users atttention and interact with them
Outstanding Users Engagement
Amazing Interaction rates with mobile users

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